Monday, July 03, 2006

I am not convinced that the Wii will have GameCube-like graphics. Forum posters have given up: even posters on are saying that the Wii have terrible graphics. A popular blogger said that he saw no reason why developers would tone down the graphics displayed at E3 (he edited his post after an ATi spokesman said that the graphics shown at E3 were the "tip of the iceberg.")
I am not convinced either that expensive hardware is needed to pull off great graphics. If you are a computer science student, go ask what your computer graphics professors are researching. Chances are that they're researching ways to produce high quality graphics efficiently. This is done by the genius of software. Kiyoshi is claiming that the Wii will have great graphics with little resources, and they will be even better with the "big secret." I’m willing to believe that.
And what could the recent interview with Ubi Soft manager Damien Moret mean about the graphics? Here are some interesting sections (referenced from
M: Is Wii able in term of shaders programmable than GameCube? How do you exploit these capacities in Red Steel?

DM: Wii is not the console most adapted for the shaders in particular compared to its competitors. But final, it allows loader of the heavy sets of textures which enable us to detail the levels enormously. It is a different manner to use graphic power
M: Was the E3 version impressive but one could see graphic improvement appropriatenesses there, unless that is the best than you could draw from the console? If an optimization is possible from here the launching of the play, will it be clearly visible? With which level precisely?

DM: For E3, graphics was not our priority, one wanted especially to show the potential of the gameplay and the new feelings with this controller. You will discover very soon our graphic improvements

Of course, that could mean anything. What do you think?


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Sorry, but I accidentally deleted my post, which cascaded downwards.

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So kyoshi went AWOL again...

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