Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who should you believe?

Kiyoshi had convinced me and others to be a Nintendo employee, but now he confirmed that he was lying and was doing this for levity. Initially, there were many facts that questioned his truthfulness, yet I still considered him to be real. For example, he made a post about Yaz0 to confirm that he was a Nintendo insider. A quick search on Google revealed that he may have gotten the information from a home brew GameCube developer site. I saw that his posts were around 2-4 A.M. in Kyoto; why would they stay up at night entertaining people? He claimed there to be a "big secret," yet in his posts about the Wii games, he managed to leave out the "big secret." Even in my second interview with him, he managed to not even mention the "big secret."

He was able to convince people about his veracity through his sincere and believable posts. For example, when Iwata revealed that the remote would not have a microphone, Kiyoshi relied on how Nintendo denies something, but then later revealing it to be true. For example, Nintendo denied the existence of a redesigned DS or a Wii Twilight Princess game, but later confirmed their existence. Besides the usual diatribe by posters, there wasn't anyone to reveal that he was fake before his blog went inactive for two months, even though I should have been subjective enough to do so. He even convinced a poster on Slashdot that the Wii had Linux.

I began to question his truthfulness even further when Wii pricing structure reported by Nintendo did not match what he said. In addition, there wasn't any indication that remote had a microphone. Yet like a teddy bear, I held on to the belief that Kiyoshi was real, that maybe Nintendo was holding off information until the very end.

People around the Internet were able to reveal how the reported insiders were fake by looking at what they wrote carefully and researching the facts behind what they said. However, I wonder how much of the deception in the real world these people are able to reveal? Do they care? Or do they believe that deception only exists in the virtual world? If the gamers had used their mental faculty to reveal these deceptions, the world would be a better place.

I hope to use this blog to study the deception around the world and improve my analytical skills. The goal is to come to a realistic view of the world.